if anyone feels like it you should give me a character + episode, or character + color, and i will edit some caps for you.

hanadarkos asked: top 5 meg scenes, be it 1.0 or 2.0 or meg!sam, idc

i have an obvious bias for meg 1.0 omg

  1. 'does that make me a bad person?' yes. yes it does. and i love you for it.
  2. i love her intro scene in ‘scarecrow’ aka when i first fell in love with nicki’s face
  3. the scene in ‘abandon all hope’ when she’s taunting cas trapped in the holy fire.
  4. the whole phone conversation between her and john in ‘salvation’ (i think it’s that ep) is immensely hilarious to me. ‘pls john mind your blood pressure’
  5. 'i can't believe you just shot me!'
hanadarkos asked: top 5 laken's.


  1. not hanadarkos
  2. not hanadarkos
  3. not hanadarkos
  4. not hanadarkos
  5. hanadarkos i guess